Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been a while

Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been posting anything lately. I've been out of town. The past week my family and I were visiting relatives Chicago. Any way, we were there visiting my uncle who has recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Now, my family and I suggested that he get a specialised mesothelioma lawyer, or a chigago personal injury lawyer but he was against that idea for some reason. He said he had already researched mesothelioma treatments and causes and said that his mesothelioma was not linked to asbestos and he won't need his personal injury lawyer. I felt bad for him and all but hey, it's his choice. on the way back home, I stopped by at lasik new york city to get my eye surgery done. It's so great to not have to wear glasses anymore :D

Anyway, I'll be picking up the pace now. I have a couple bands I've been itching to show you and I really look forward to sharing the love :D

I might also keep you posted on how my uncle's doing, he's pretty important to me and I think it's important to spread awareness about his terrible affliction.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Alright, sorry for the delay, I've been kinda bogged down. Don't worry though, I atill found time to support you guys :D
Anyway, the amazingly awesome bassist from Death from Above 1979 went on to form an electronica group with AI-P. Their first album was a really interesting debut, with daft-punkish sounds and style. Their second album, however had some very original tracks that are especially good.
Here's a song from that second album

They also do fantastic remixes. Here's one of a song I really like: Monster hospital by Metric.

And here's their more oldskool stuff

Anyway, that's it for today, I gotta get to school :P
Hope you enjoyed
Share the love :D

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Awesome! So today we hit the big one oh oh followers and imna thank you all for the support. I owe you guys :)

Any way, I haven't posted in a few days, even though I still have a TON of music to show you guys. I've been kinda caught up in other stuff, including making love to my brand new longboard :D
Alright, what do I have for you today?
Death from Above 1979 are a Canadian two-man band (a bassist and a drummer who sings). Jesse F. Keeler (the bassist) is my favorite bass player. His riffs are always original, entertaining and badass. I love this band and I hope you guys like 'em.

Sebastien Granger's vocals are also a force to reckoned with, i love his style of storytelling.

Now here's the sad/awesome part
Death from Above broke up a while back (2006), which is quite a tragedy in my opinion. Awesomely, however, J F K went on to start another band, making electronica music. The man is really talented. I'll tell you guys all about his current projects tomorrow :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Awesome jewish rap

I know i got you hooked with that imaginative title but I'd first like to thank you guys for following me, and it's just I sometimes have trouble following you guys back :p
so please a message with your blog link when you subscribe so i can get you guys back quicker :D
also you can make yourself more accessible by linking you blog in your profile
Tutorial by my boy Randy :P

Anyway ... MUSIC
Socalled is a guy from the big city of MONTREAL, and he happens to be a rapper, and he also happens to be jewish. Now don't take it personal that I'm calling out his religion, it's just a lot of his music features Hebrew song and sweet remixing. 
However, in this song, Socalled shows off his talent as a rapper with a catchy tune featuring and awesome track and some witty-ass lyrics :P

Okay, this one is actually incredibly awesome :D
I just saw this and it blew my mind. Socalled's newer track. It's freakin glorious. JUST WATCH IT

Sorry I couldn't embed that
It's sooo worth it
watch it :P

Alright, anyway keep on sharin' the love
I also wanna conduct an experiment
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also extra shoutout to neon cause she's pretty <3

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feel the power :P ( i suck at titles)

Good morning gentlemen, ladies.
It is a beautiful day to have as vacation. Happy canadian Labour Day :D

I say we get pumped up with some truly badass music.
Audioslave is the combination of Rage Against the Machine (sans singer) with the singer from Soundgarden. These are two epic bands, with incredible musicians. Here's some examples of what I'm talkin about.

Rage Against the Machine - How I could Just Kill A Man (Warning, this song is excessively phat :D)

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

Anyway, the awesomely badass and bouncing guitar and basslines from Rage mixed with a different style of epic vocals make for some damn good music. Also they seem to have had quite the budget for their music video :P

Hell yeah.

And a special treat :D
The Black Keys are an Ohian? (from ohio :P) 2-man band that play blues-garage rock damn well. Ironically similar to the White Stripes (my personal favorite band), these guys are amazing.

Hope you found something you liked :P

Sharin the love

p.s. If anyone know could tell me how to make a larger area for my post body text id be really grateful :P

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Milestonage :D

So first of all I just wanted to say hi and thanks for being there. Also if it's your first time here, feel free to follow and I'll follow you right back :D. Anyway, we just hit 50 supporters today, which I think is kind of a milestone. And in celebration of that, let's listen to some trippy music :D
Alright, Aphex Twin is a wierd-ass individual.
But he's a freaking genius. His music is completely unique and incredibly complex. Listening can be downright scary or disturbing, but it is nonetheless an awesome experience.

First off, here's his incredibly intense Come to Daddy video. You have been warned. Enjoy :P

And now let's get "mile"'dly "stone"'d (OMG see what i did thur? yay bad puns)and chill with some of his less freaky but reeeeaaaallly trippy stuff :D

Thanks for the support :3

Saturday, September 4, 2010

You need this in your ears

Get ready to have your mind blown. This British band has taken pop to a whole new level with their incredibly playful and original sound. Their best known song has got to be 'Get it Together' (that littlebigplanet song) but their other songs are just as unique and refreshing. Coming at you at full throttle with a whole smörgåsbord of instruments and sounds, The GO! Team are a spectacular display of popular music done right.
This first song is one of my favorite songs ever. The originality and pure fun that the sound embodies leave me in awe every time. Be sure to listen through the entire thing. The ending is incredible :D

The previous song was one of their rare instrumentals. The GO! Team also have a whole line-up of more vocal-oriented songs. Their unique blend of hip-hop and brassy sounds makes for some really great tunes.

Damn, I love this band

It's time to rock the fuck out

Let's take a trip to Oceania, fuck yeah it's a continent. Our first stop is in New Zealand with Stereogram playing Walkie Talkie Man, also known as 'that song in that ipod ad'. Get ready to rock out with your genitalia out.

Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man from NZ Beats on Vimeo.

Next up is a band from the main continent, The Vines. Now Australia is a scary-ass place (for example, badass octopii that rip off jellyfish stingers and use them as weapons. But good thing it's there cause otherwise there'd be nowhere to put our dangerous animals and criminals. Anyway, here are The Vines. They give off a nirvana-ey vibe and rock so hard it's hard to handle.

Live at Jools Holland, epitomizing not giving a fuck

Sorry about some of the low-qual, but the jews at EMI won't let me embed their vids :P

Friday, September 3, 2010


For the unenlightened, dubstep is pretty much the phattest music around at the moment. On showcase today is Mt Eden Dubstep. This guy has remixed popular vocal tracks into his epicly, deliciously bassy tracks. Plug in your best earphones and savor these.
This first track is one of the most epic things to ever grace my ears :

This second one features some of the best 'wubbing' dubstep has to offer:

Classic electronica

Somethingalamode is a parisian duo who make awesome electro-classic music. They mix great 'daft-punkish' beats with their own cello and violin playing. The result is incomparable. Enjoy.


Yeah, you read that right, it's a genre. Also it will blow your mind. Misteur Valaire, a 5 man band from my hometown of Sherbrooke started off as a jazz quintet but moved on to a more electronic and extremely entertaining sound. Both their albums can be downloaded at the price you think is fit (including 0$)on their website. These guys are extremely talented and they show it off by blending their jazz trumpet and saxophone skills with intense electronic beats. They are one of my favorite bands and I hope you find them as awesome as i do. Here's the phat song 'Ave Mucho' from their recent album featuring Bran Van 3000 :

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Alright, let's pop this mother!

BEAST: Trip-rock
You didn't know this, but you've been missing BEAST all your life. This awesome band from Montreal have delivered one of the best songs I've heard in a while: Mr. Hurricane
The KICK-ASS music video :

Do yourself a favor and watch it, you'll thank me later :D

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First of all, so much of it is lawyer shit, it's disturbing. Secondly why do these all seem to be the same as the advertisements that play at around 2:00 in the afternoon on t.v.?
"Have you been struck by some strange ailment? YOu might make some money." Also lasik is up in that bitch.
I should be an eye doctor :P